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Electronic Read & Sign for the Digital Age

1.   Once logged in select 60-Day History either using the tool bar or image

2.   Select one transcript or portfolio file by checking the box on the left side and then select the eR&S button.  Use the "Search" feature at the bottom, right if it is not easily visible.

3.   Fill in the information into the pop-up screen.  Only one name is allowed in the Read & Sign Attorney Field.  More than one email address is available by separating them by a semicolon ";" i.e. Attorney, Paralegal and witness.  Optional: Enter in Errata and Signature Pages (if part of the transcript).  Select the Browse button and upload a personal read and sign instruction letter and/or errata and signature pages.  Choose if the receiving attorney ordered a copy or not and should be presented with a download transcript button.  If no is chosen for offer transcript download and you have set-up your DOD settings then you can select Yes for a buy now option and enter a $ amount.  The settings for days for read and sign are populated from your default settings but can be changed for special situations.  The email method is populated from your default settings but can be changed for the situation i.e. not on your primary computer.

4.  eR&S history is visible by selecting the eR&S tab under 60-day history screen.

End of instructions.