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Website / Web Server:

Sensitive areas of our website utilize SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology to create a secure internet connection.  This is the same method, used by many financial intuitions, to prevent eves dropping of confidential information as it passes between a computer and a server over the internet.

Pdf-it Files:

All Pdf-it files can be protected using 128-bit encryption to help prohibit document tampering.

Digitally signed pdf-it files offer another layer of security.  If an unscrupulous person were to use a copy of the PDF transcript or the original ASCII file to create an altered original they would be unable to recreate the reporter’s digital signature.

If you are dealing with a highly confidential case or subject matter, as an extra precaution, we recommend you delete the file(s) from your 60-day history after creating and saving them to your computer.

Digital ID:

Digital IDs should be obtained by a reputable certificate authority (CA) like VeriSign and GeoTrust.  This provides the owner of the digital ID the ability to revoke and re-issue their digital ID if they feel it has been compromised.

Digital IDs expire automatically yearly and should have a long, difficult alphanumeric password (private key) assigned to them.  This makes it virtually impossible to crack before the digital ID expires.

The password (private key) which provides access to the digital ID should only be known and available to the reporter.  Private keys are stored in an encrypted portion of our database only if the reporter chooses to save them within their Settings/Signing tab.