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The pdf-it default margin settings will work in most cases.  Some factors may require adjustments, including state court reporting board or association guidelines, cosmetics, printer capabilities, time stamping, binding, etc..

State Court Reporting Board and Associations

Some states' court reporting boards have enacted strict formatting requirements.  In other states, court reporting associations have set guidelines.  We encourage everyone to become familiar with their state's formatting to ensure compliance and standardization.

Cosmetics, Time Stamping, Binding & Printer Capabilities

We understand that the transcript’s appearance is a reflection of your company and the margins play a large roll in the appearance.  In the digital age, court reporting firms must not only consider the appearance of the transcript on paper but also it's electronic version.  The default time stamping is located inside the left margin.  In order to accommodate time stamping, pdf-it default margin settings for the full-sized transcript are offset from center 1/4 inch to the right.  However, a 1/4 inch may not be enough space to allow for ease of reading of bound hard copy transcripts.   We recommend that additional left margin space is created by offsetting, or shifting, of the printed image.   This can be accomplished by using the printing preferences features offered by most printers today.  Please contact us if you need assistance with your particular printer.