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With pdf-it, exhibit delivery couldn't be easier

1.   Once logged in select 60-Day History either using the tool bar or image

2.   Select the Upload button.   Type the desired information.   The names of invited reporters will be available in the reporter drop down selection.   The chosen reporter will be automatically emailed after the exhibit(s) have been successfully uploaded.   Select the browse button to select one or multiple (hold shift key down) exhibit file(s).  After all the files have uploaded select the Ok button.   While the exhibits are uploading you can open another browser or browser tab and continue to work on another non pdf-it related task.

3.   Select the check box on the left side of the newly created exhibit portfolio file and email a downloadable link to the file by selecting the eLink button.  If you want to bundle the exhibits with the corresponding transcript please see pdf-it portfolio instructions.

Special Note on Exhibit Sorting:   The exhibit file(s) naming convention are critical to how they will be organized within the PDF Portfolio.  The exhibit file's name will remain as they are when they were uploaded to pdf-it.  First, we recommend you not start the names of the exibit(s) with a number i.e 1-Exhibit.  This will ensure that the full sized, condensed, etc. are at the top.   Secondly, zeroes ("0") may need to be added to the front of the exhibit number to prevent misordering i.e Exhibit 01.

End of instructions.