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1.    If you haven't already registered with pdf-it please do so first by clicking here.

If you need help registering you may visit our Register FAQ's by clicking here.

2.   Login to Reporting Solutions' pdf-it by clicking here.  Type in your login information and select the Login button.

3.   Select Modify your pdf-it settings or click on the picture.

4.   Select the Transcript Signing tab.

5.   Select your signature type. If a digital signature is not required in your state it is recommended you choose electronic (Signature Image Only).

6.   Select a second signature type. The default of none will be fine for most states.

7.   Type in your city/state.

8.   Reporters control and grant signature access security level to firms that invite them. *Please abide by your state's rules and regulations regarding application of the reporter's signature.

      Firms can see the list of invited reporters along with signature preference and granted signature access.

9.   Enter in your certificate password (private key) twice in the boxes provided. This step is only needed if you need a court reporting firm to be able to either reprocess an ASCII file or digitally sign on your behalf.

10.   Change the reason for signature if you like.

11.   Select the Browse button next to the Certificate text box.

12.   Select Desktop icon. Select the pfx file and then select Open.

13.   Select the Browse button next to the Signature Image text box.

14.   Select Desktop icon. Select the signature image file and then select Open.

15.   Select the Save button.

16.   The following message confirms success.

End of instructions.