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1.   Go to Verisign's Digital ID renewal page by copy/pasting the following link into your browser https://digitalid.verisign.com/services/client/renew.htm

2.   Type in your email address and then select the Search button.

3.   Click on your name.

4.   Select the Renew button.

5.   Type in your challenge phrase & select the Renew This Digital ID button.

6.   Fill out the Digital ID Renewal Enrollment Form. Checking the box to Protect Your Private Key is recommended. Select the Accept button.

7.   Select Yes if you trust the VeriSign website to install your digital ID.

8.   Select Set Security Level... button.

9.   Select secuirty level High and select Next.

10.   Enter your password (a.k.a. private key) in the text boxes and then select Finish. This will become your pdf-it "signature" password.

11.   Select OK.

12.   You will see a screen telling you to expect an email to continue the process.

13.   Go retrieve your email from VeriSign. Highlight the Digital ID PIN. Right mouse click and select Copy. Select the hyperlink provided in the email.

14.   Click inside the text box for your Digital ID PIN and right mouse click and select Paste. Then select Submit.

15.   Select Install.

16.   Select Yes twice if you trust the VeriSign website to install your digital ID.

17.   Launch your Internet Explorer browser (Version 7 illustrated). Select Tools on the tool bar and then select Internet Options.

18.   Select the Content tab and then select Certificates.

19.   Select the row with your digital ID (Certificate) information and then select Export.

20.   Select Next.

21.   Select Yes, export the private keyand then select Next button.

22.   The defaults are fine so select the Next button.

23.   Type in a password twice and select Next. Keep this password confidential. This will become your pdf-it signature password and will be needed every time you apply your digital signature. Select the Next button.

24.   Select the Browse... button.

25.   Select the Desktop icon, type in a file name of "VeriSign" and select Save.

26.   Select the Next button.

27.   Select the Finish button.

28.   Type in your Private Key (this will be the password created in step 10). Select the OK button.

29.   You should receive an alert box notifying you of a successful Digital ID exportation. Select the OK button.

30.   Login to your pdf-it account and select Modify your pdf-it profile or click on the picture.

31.   Select the Transcript Signing tab.

32.   Select the Browse button next to the Certificate text box.

33.   Select the Desktop icon. Find the "VeriSign" file and then select the Open button.

34.   Select the Save button on the bottom, right side.

35.   The message "Your changes have been saved" confirms success.

End of Instructions.